Thursday, 23 February 2017

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You are welcome to Eden. A place to discover, groom and grow your Purpose, A man once said, when purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. therefore discovering our purpose helps us find fulfilment with ourselves and the things we do.  We are a ministry that promotes vibrant Christian lifestyle through its dynamic team of hard working people and consistent events.
We are ready to DELIVER THE FUTURE!!!...ARE YOU?

Our vision

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" Never again would the decision to give your-life-to-Christ be associated with a dead social life … in fact so vibrant would the life of Christians be that unbelievers would be naturally attracted to the light of the kingdom and be inclined to give their life to Christ.


Our mission


“ Go and create for me an environment where I can meet freely with my people just as I used to in the days of Adam



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 - Prayer Chain

- Jesus and Juice

- Eden Carnival

- Film Show

- Christmas carol

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Excuse has never been a legal tender for failure. The more you invest rightly into your life,…
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